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MaD Good Lab 2015

MaD Good Lab 2015

MaD Good Lab 2015
Summer Monogatari

Social Lab in Sham Shui Po

Social Lab in Sham Shui Po

Piloting Participatory Social Design in Sham Shui Po

MaD Forum

MaD Forum

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MaD Videos

MaD Videos

Watch videos of MaD talks and programme highlights!

  • The Fair Next Door

  • The University of Eat

  • The Cookbook of Imaginary Being

  • MaD Good Lab 2015

  • Social Lab in Sham Shui Po

  • MaD Forum

  • MaD Videos

Studio in-Situ ─ Listen to the Soil Again

Although your day might not start with sunrise, you can still feel the joy of returning at sunset. Take a glimpse into the world of food through a potato. A golden seed for modern civilisation.

Studio in-Situ ─ Time for Food

Between heaven and earth, are we conscious of fleeting time? Visit a market, a fair and a farm and discover the cycle of life on earth. Get into a kitchen, discover the magic of life.

Studio in-Situ - The Cookbook of Imaginary Being

What are flavours actually? Taste goes beyond the senses. Savour affection and mindfulness in this three-course programme.

The Fair Next Door

What is more refreshing than spending a weekend afternoon at The Fair Next Door? Savour a bite of homemade food, get hands on and learn traditional food preservation skills, and bring some fresh loca...

MaD School 2015 Social Lab -- Story Collection 17.08.2015

On Day 2 and Day 3 of the Social Lab, Creators and Collaborators of the team went to the streets and collected stories from the elderly and homeless people in Sham Shui Po. In order to understand the ...

MaD School 2015 Social Lab -- Open Class 15.08.2015

Jos and Wieteke from Kennisland introduced the concept of social innovative labs and the lab practice called 'Feed Forward'. Joy Lam from HK Citizens and Lee Tai Shing from CSSA Alliance then shared t...

MaD School 2015 Summer School - Open Class

SHIH Pei-yin from Taiwan and CHOW Sung-mingfrom Hong Kong will be sharing with us the latest projects and cases of urban innovation and sharing economy of these 2 cities.