MaD 2015 will be held on 30 Jan - 1 Feb 2015 at Kwai Tsing Theatre. Details will be launched in November, stay tuned!

MaD 2014 has been fruitfully completed, thank you for your support!

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The Fifth Direction
MaD started with “change” in 2010. In our fifth edition, “change” takes on greater specificity. “The Fifth Direction” is a metaphor for the exploration of what we envision as “better” ways forward – how do we transcend the existing cardinal points and depart from where we are? Where are we heading to? How do we get there?

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Song of an Impasse - Practising Cultural Action

MaD 2014 Polylogue, An Expanded Concept of Art Talk by WU Mali || The Plum Tree Creek is a tributary of the Tanshui River. Once a lively stream, it is now heavily polluted by decades of industrial dev...

Art Making Our Life

MaD 2014 Polylogue, An Expanded Concept of Art Talk by Tetsuo OGAWA || Away from complacent bourgeois pleasures and market-driven creative industries - art for Tetsuo OGAWA is a way of life, criticall...
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