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Asian Participants Susbidy Scheme and PRC Participants Subsidy and Learning Subsidy Scheme will start registration on 27 October. 

General application will start in early November, please stay tuned!


Make a difference

with 1,500 young Asian and international changemakers

Village Reimagined
Can we reshape real systems with collective imagination? Driven by the thoughts of 1,500 participants, an imaginative village will come into being at MaD 2015 – where villagers get together to share, envision and act. 

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MaD 2015 Asian Subsidy Scheme


MaD 2015 PRC Subsidy and Learning Scheme


MaD 2015

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Past Forums

Song of an Impasse - Practising Cultural Action

MaD 2014 Polylogue, An Expanded Concept of Art Talk by WU Mali || The Plum Tree Creek is a tributary of the Tanshui River. Once a lively stream, it is now heavily polluted by decades of industrial dev...

Art Making Our Life

MaD 2014 Polylogue, An Expanded Concept of Art Talk by Tetsuo OGAWA || Away from complacent bourgeois pleasures and market-driven creative industries - art for Tetsuo OGAWA is a way of life, criticall...
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