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The Park Lab @ MaD Festival 2017 : Calling for Your Park Observation!
Park Lab

At MaD Festival 2017, the Piazza will be transformed into a pop-up park featuring play, experimentation and discussion! Submit an interesting park observation today to exchange for the followings:


  • A Drink Coupon to redeem a delicious Hong Kong-style summer cooler at the park

  • Your story may become an exhibit at the park

  • Contributors of 17 insightful observations will be invited to take part at a “M17 Park Summit” (July 23 Sunday), gathering representatives of 17 locations to share stories, make new friends and explore what kind of parks we most need today


Exciting? All you have to do is to submit ONE observation about a park in your city in less than 150 words. The observation can be about anything, from your most interesting park experience, citizens’ creative usage of parks, special encounters at a park to social phenomena observed at a park, etc.


We look forward to seeing how parks are being used in different parts of Asia!




A middle-aged man is sunbathing a palm-sized chameleon at the Lai Chi Kok Park. The man is feeding his pets with earthworms and the chameleon are moving rather slowly. Passers-by gather around the chameleon as if they are some special creatures. Animals create a fantastic bridge for people to connect and start chatting.

The Lai Chi Kok Park becomes a popular outdoor shooting location every Sunday. The whole park is transformed into a dressing room where domestic helpers dress up nicely to pose for amateur cameramen as models. The park is a like a cultural hotspot, gathering people of different ethnicities who have their own ways to enjoy their time.

Old men flock to Hoi Sum Park every night to enjoy their time with beautifully-dressed singers and dancers. While they sing and they dance, the music from their amplifiers are creating much disturbance to nearby residents. How could we balance the needs of different park users?


I'd like to share!

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