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Creative Market in Partnership @ HKCC: The Free Marketeers

Creative Market in Partnership @ HKCC: The Free Marketeers

There was a time when the market, in the form of a fair, was a place where people got together not only to trade goods, but to share cakes and jams, enjoy public entertainment, show elephants and zebras, chat and gossip, and build friendships. The market is nonetheless streamlined in neoliberalism. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had famously claimed that “There is no such thing as society”, meaning that there is no space of collective action and exchange outside the market and the family.

Must the market be so monotonous and single directional? Following MaD@West Kowloon and $0 Sq Ft at Freespace Fest, we continue to explore the ideas of transaction, market and exchange by inviting artists and citizen collaborators to “The Free Marketeers” at Hong Kong Cultural Centre – and let us not forget that “free” is a rich word with the multiple meanings of “free of charge”, “unrestrained” and “liberating”!

Dates: 9.3.2014 and 16.3.2014 (Sun)

Time: 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza (area between Cultural Centre and Hong Kong Museum of Art)

Free admission!

Enquiry: / 6670 6427 (Vangi FONG)
*Please indicate email subject as “The Free Marketeers (enquiry)"

Programme highlights


1. $0Sq Ft Hawker Stall 

What is a market without hawkers? We can't imagine either – so let's come to Cultural Centre Piazza to exchange goods, values, thoughts and stories with the 40 “$0 Sq Ft” stall owners!

Registration closed on 21.02.2014
Announcement of result: after 6 PM, 24.02.2014


2. Artist stalls

Should art be a part of economic production? 5 groups of local artists have chosen to dive into the market by transforming themselves into “hawkers” and exploring free economy with interactive art pieces.

LEUNG Mee-ping

Born in Hong Kong. LEUNG's works examine daily life through perception of daily life itself. Art genres including mixed-media, multi-mediainstallation, site-specific public art and event-based project. Her works have been exhibited internationally. Leung is an assistant professor at Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist Univerisity.

LEUNG is a long-term partner of MaD's ventures in public space. She has taken part in both MaD@West Kowloon (2011-2012) and Freespace Fest 2012, as a participant of $0 Sq Ft and the artist behind a participatory art project on coin-making/value exchange respectively.

Kacey WONG

WONG's experimental art project investigates the poetics of space between people and their living environment. His mobile home tricycle project :Wandering Homes” was selected to be featured at the 2008 Venice Architectural Biennale and his floating house “Paddling Home” that performed on Victoria Harbour was the star feature in 2010’s Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture exhibition.

WONG was the curator of Hawkerama I & II (Fa Yuen Street Outdoor Market and Detour, Business of Design Week 2012), a project sparking renewed interests in street markets. He is also a close collaborator of MaD and has presented engaging pieces at both MaD@West Kowloon (2011-2012) and Freespace Fest 2012.

C&G Artpartment

The founder of C&G Artpartment. Having had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas, some of her works have been collected by Macau Art Museum and she now mainly focuses at exploring the media of performance art.

CHENG Yee Man(Gum)
Gum is a registered social worker, founder and curator of C&G Artpartment. His artworks explore various media, like painting, performance, photography, video and installation.

C&G Artpartment is a veteran in guerrilla projects in public space, and is noted for the ability of mobilizing local art practitioners in activities addressing public culture.

Monti LAI Wai-yi

Monti LAI Wai-yi is an artist and art educator based in Hong Kong. Her site-specific installations, drawings and mixed media works open up ways to see the surroundings. They reflect personal observations as well as the special relationship between art and the environment. After graduating from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia with BA (Fine Art), Monti completed an MA in Environmental Art at Aalto University in Finland. She has organized solo exhibitions in Hong Kong and Finland, and participated in joint exhibitions in Hong Kong, Beijing, Taiwan, Estonia, Finland and Germany.

YU Kei-kei

YU Kei-kei’s curatorial direction and interest related to the environment or idea
 of nature and liberty. Also devoted to explore the role of curator
in Hong Kong’s different possibilities. She took up the position of running Too Art gallery. In 2009, she received 
a scholarship to study her Master degree in London. YU is an art educator and one of the founders of Pointsman Art Creation.

NG Ka-chun

NG Ka-chun (b.1985) is a Hong Kong-based artist graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist Universit. In many of his works, he puts a spin on daily ready-made objects, presenting an alternative perspective that challenges the commonly accepted way of life. He also responds to social issues concerning fast-paced development in the city and preservation with interventional installations. Besides, he has participated in several public/community art projects. 

CHUNG Wai-ian

After graduating from Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong in 2009, CHUNG worked in Community Artspace "Woofer Ten" for 2 years. She was a project coordinator and also participated as curator in some projects. Recent exhibitions include " Walking to Canton x Canton x Canton" at Fringe Club, "Parade in Inner Harbour" at Macau City Fringe Festival, "Encounters 2013" at Power Play Mumbai.


Jockey Club Make a Difference School Open Class


1. Ripple Forum@The Free Marketeers

Behind the glamorous skyscapers, how much space do we have for traditional markets and vendors? Apart from money and goods, what else can we exchange? How do we exchange?
Let's exchange our thoughts on market and consumption with scholars, artists and other friends in the Ripple Forum.

9.3.2014 (Sun)

What is a Market?

2 PM - 2:45 PM

  • Katty LAW (Convenor, Central & Western Concern Group)
  • Chloe LAI (Editor, Urban Diary)
  • NG Ka-leung (Producer of Fading Marketplaces, Breakthrough)

Art of Market Intervention

3 PM - 3:45 PM

  • Kacey WONG
  • NG Ka-chun, CHUNG Wai-ian
  • LEE Chun-fung

Making a Market

4 PM - 4:45 PM

  • Ada WONG (Convenor of MaD (Make a Difference))
  • Bobo YIP Po-lam (Project Officer, Justice and Peace Commission of the HK Catholic Diocese and Member, Hawkers Development Platform)
  • Dr LEUNG Chi-Yuen (Teaching Fellow, Department of Applied Social Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
16.3.2014 (Sun)

Ethical Consumption

2 PM - 2:45 PM

  • Ranae SO (Founder, Glocal Care)
  • PONG Yat-ming (Member of "Kong Yeah")

Art of Market Intervention

3 PM - 3:45 PM

  • C & G Artpartment
  • LEUNG Mee-ping
  • Monti LAI, Grace TANG Ying-mui

Sharing Economy

4 PM - 4:45 PM

  • CHOW Sung-ming (Board Member, Hong Kong Fair Trade Power)
  • Qing LAM (Founder of Oh yes IT's FREE!!!)


2. $0 Sq Ft Market Forum

Do we have any great marketplace in Hong Kong? What should an ideal market be like? All $0 Sq Ft participants and anyone who has experience running market stalls are welcome to share their thoughts and stories.

9.3.2014 (Sun) 5PM - 6PM
16.3.2014 (Sun) 5PM - 6PM


3. The Free Money Printer

If banknotes represent monetary value, can we create our own currency and a new set of value? Make your own money and try out in our market!

Host: Thickest CHOI


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