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What's MaD

About MaD

Founded in 2010 by the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture, MaD (Make a Difference) believes in the potential of young people. MaD inspires and empowers youngsters all over Asia to create positive personal, economic, social and environmental change.

Over the past three years, MaD has grown from a simple belief – that a creative, compassionate and collaborative new generation can change society – into a more comprehensive model.

We started out with creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and discovery. As MaD develops, we see that boundary crossing is the way to go. Embracing diversity and co-creation, MaD fosters exchange with passionate people from diverse backgrounds. In the process, we re-discover ourselves and society, and look for new possibilities.

MaD explores:

Personal potential
Social issues
Global trends


Creative thinking
Creative industries

Cross-disciplinary innovation

Social innovation
Projects / entrepreneurial ventures

Personal change

The long-term goal of MaD is building a creative civil society. Everyone can join this journey of change through multiple entry points:

Exploring the world with empathy
Finding one’s place


Continual learning

Keeping knowledge relevant and up-to-date

Creating positive personal, economic, social and environmental change with creativity

As A Continuous Initiative, MaD Comprises The Following Elements:
Annual MaD Forum in January

A 2.5-day event featuring talks and interactive activities, bringing together an exciting line-up of international changemakers and over 1,000 youngsters from Asia and beyond.

MaD 2014 will be held from 10 to 12 January 2014. In 72 hours, you will experience an exciting and fun-filled journey!

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Jockey Club “Make a Difference” School

With an aim to fill the gap in current formal education, Jockey Club Make a Difference School approaches learning in a "MaD" way – cross-disciplinary, innovative, socially conscious and action oriented. Through programmes presented with global partners, JC MaD School is a platform for exchange on positive change and builds a forward-looking learning community. 

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Round-the-year initiative -- MaD Good Lab

A multifaceted movement for the young and good to do good. Co-presented by Henderson Land and MaD, MaD Good Lab is a round-the-year initiative of MaD (Make a Difference). Since 2011, it has presented a variety of innovative programmes to inspire and support young people to take creative actions for social good.

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MaD Venture Fellows

If you are MaD enough to change the world … join the MaD Venture Fellows Programme in Hong Kong on 24-27 Jan 2013 to create a bigger impact for your venture. The programme aims to celebrate innovative and high impact entrepreneurs, enhance their international connections and present them with opportunities to scale their ventures.

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Make A Difference

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c/o The Good Lab, Level 1,
The Sparkle, 500 Tung Chau Street,
Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon,
Hong Kong