一年一度的MaD將於 2011年1月21-23日舉行!3天72個小時超過20個MaD Talks15種Workshops,不同chatrooms將給你最MaD的新思維。今年還有新增的特別節目,快看看節目詳情

Early Bird報名現已開始——快和你的朋友一起參加!







Y世代是分享時代——www.MaD.asia新增資源庫讓你隨時隨地重溫MaD Talks、活動照片及其他MaD資源!歡迎你將MaD的精彩內容與更多朋友分享!  

 MaD是你的平台! Take action, and get the ball rolling!

 Ada Wong (MaD召集人)


Everyone’s much awaited annual gathering–MaD 2011 is on the way!

MaD 2011 will be held on 21-23 January. In less than 72 hours, you will meet exciting changemakers from around the world in over 20 MaD Talks, 15 workshops, chatrooms with speakers, and surprising special programs. Check it out at www.MaD.asia

Don’t miss the early bird discount!

New Website! 

www.MaD.asia is upgradedwith 2.0 functions enabling you to:  

Meet MaD friends:  

www.MaD.asia is now synced with Facebook!

Your FB updates, “share” and “like” will be instantly visible to over 3000 MaDees in the MaD Network.

If you are also mad about Twitter, follow us! Many speakers and MaDees are on our “MaD_Asia”list. Don’t hesitate to “tweet” us your ideas! 


MaD loves to share! “MaD for You” page is a new portal for you. You can watch MaD talks, download pictures and find other resources. Explore and share cool stuffs!   

MaD is yours–Take action, and get the ball rolling!

Ada Wong (MaD Convener)   


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  1. Oct 24, 2010 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

    it looks like a great thing.i wanna take part of it . : )

  2. Oct 26, 2010 at 12:14 pm | Permalink

    halo bro bug! where r u from? hk local student ? thank you for your comment!


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