MaD 將成為一個2.0平台 ! MaD可以做什麼? 我們如何一起塑造MaD?成為MaD的共創者!分享你的想法!



日期:09.04.2012 (復活節假期)

時間:2 – 4 PM 第一節 齊齊塑造MaD

4 – 6 PM 第二節 如何把MaD推廣給更多人 及 你對MaD 2013的看法

地點: 香港兆基創意書院3樓311室 (九龍聯合道135 號,樂富港鐵站B出口)

歡迎你參與任何一節 ! 有興趣的朋友,請於4月4日午夜12時前,把你的




MaD is evolving into a 2.0 platform – but how? What can MaD do?How can we collectively shape MaD? Be MaD’s co-creators! Share your thoughts!

Option 1: Click here to give quick comments on our questionaire

Option 2: Join Study Group

Date: 09.04.2012 (Mon, Easter holiday)

Time: 2 – 4 PM Session 1 Shape MaD Together

4 – 6 PM Session 2 How can MaD reach out? Your thoughts on MaD 2013?

Venue: Room 311, 3/F, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School Of Creativity

(135 Junction Road, Kowloon, Lok Fu MTR Exit B)

Please feel free to join one or both sessions. If you can come, please email your name, contact number, the MaD activities you joined and the session(s) you want to join to ian@hk-icc.org by midnight 4 April.

Enquiries: ask@mad.asia

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