To reminisce is to go on a journey. Today cultural veteran anothermountainman, LEUNG Mee-ping and Janice POON shared with about 20 teachers their creative journey and impulses. Stories are the most intriguing teaching materials, perhaps, because the are authentic and have the power to touch and connect.

又一山人將三十年的創作心路歷程娓娓道出, 喜愛拾東西的他在生活千百樣事物中處處可出美與靈感。Thirty years of creative experiences told in a nutshell. He sees beauty and inspiration in every seemingly ordinary thing.

藝術家梁美萍在歐洲生活了超過十年。她更曾租住燈塔,體驗生活。不過,儘管多年在外,她的作品與香港文化有着不可割裂的關係。Artist LEUNG Mee-ping has lived in Europe for more than 10 years. To live life to the fullest, she even rented a lighthouse. Despite her  experience of being away, her work has a strong tie to the Hong Kong culture.

將心碎的經驗轉化成演出,讓Janice在組織過程中尋到慰藉,卻也令她不能忘懷。可幸她也因此接觸到很多觀眾的心靈。Through staging a heartbreaking experience, Janice found solace in reorganizing her feelings, though it was painful to recount the traumatic memories. Her authenticity has allowed her to build connection with her audience.

Janice 設計了一個小型展覽,以詩與簡單的物件給我們帶來無限想像空間。An mini-exhibition with poetry and seemingly simple stuff created much room for imagination. A brilliant way to awaken our senses towards things around us!

A time to share and communicate ideas in the Q&A session

Stay tuned for our updates on the workshop

延伸閱讀 Extended reading:
MaD  2011: 黃炳培/又一山人: 我相信,所以我看見

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