Two representatives from Denmark’s KaosPilot, one of the top design cum business school in the world,  arrived in Hong Kong last week to bring over forty participants two days of unique experience in incubating creative enterprises.

Don’t think that the learning style at this prestigious school would be stuck up. Everyone just sat on on the floor and chit-chatted casually to get to know each other.

參加者在Love and Hate Table上寫下自己喜歡或是討厭香港的地方,發掘自己想為這個城市做出什麽樣的改變。
How do you find out the difference that you want to see in this city? Try out this fun exercise: each participant went around this “Love and Hate Table” and jotted down what they love and hate about Hong Kong. Do our list match yours?

On the second day of the workshop, some participants share with others what they have in mind. Together we brainstormed how to make the ideas better. They even got some supporters to join their team!

最後有幾組參加者都形成了自己的團隊,有的想幫助少數族群,有的想令社會環境更加共融,也有的想通過urban tour來彌補正規教育系統的不足。他們將在這個星期和Nils及Oliver一起完善並且實施自己的計劃。在本週六的工作坊上他們會向大家彙報各自的進展,有興趣的朋友也可以來參與啊!
At the end several teams were formed. Some wanted to help minority groups, some wanted to promote a more inclusive society, some would like to fill the holes in the education system through organizing urban tours. These teams are now meeting Nils and Oliver during the week to sharpen their idea and starting to find ways to implement their plans. During the upcoming workshop this Saturday they will share their progress. Any one interested please feel free to join us!

時間 Time:1:00 pm – 6:30 pm,Oct 29 (Sat)

地點Venue:九龍聯合道135號,香港兆基創意書院多用途室 Multi-purpose Room, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, 135 Junction Road, Kowloon

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